Friday, March 12, 2010

The Exam

I got through.  After three rounds of grueling interviews and viva voce, I made it!  I have been accepted as a management trainee in this prestigious MNC.  I would be sent to the UK for six months of training, after which I shall be posted to one of their divisions around the world.

Wait.  I shall have to pass the medical examination first.  The offer is conditional upon the doctor certifying me to be fit for work.  That should not be a problem.  I do not do all the three vices.  I don’t drink, I don’t smoke and I am not into women!

Saturday came.  I have made prior appointment with the appointed clinic downtown.   My appointment was 4pm.  It is a well equipped private practice.  I arrived 15 minutes early.  I was asked to fill up the necessary forms and told to wait at the holding area.  There was one other patient waiting.

The nurse called out for the patient to go into the room.  I looked at my watch.  My appointment was running late.  It is already 4.15pm.  The patient took about 15 minutes and emerged from the doctor’s room.  I was next.

Inside, there were two gentlemen.  One of them was in his forties.  The gentleman was medium built, wears a pair of glasses and was prim and proper.  We exchanged pleasantries and the mid-forty doctor introduced the other as an intern.  In his early to mid twenties, the gentleman was slim, with a pair of glasses.  He had short hair, smooth skin and looked very boyish.  Both were in long sleeved shirts.  The doctor was in a plain light blue colored shirt while the intern wore a light grey checkered shirt.  The doctor was in pleated slacks while the intern wore a flat front slack.

I was asked if I agree to have the intern in the room during the medical examination.  Some procedures were to be performed by the intern.   I was assured that everything would be kept private and confidential and the doctor patient code of conduct applies.  I have no issue with that.

I was asked to take off my shoes and empty my pockets.  A tray was provided for me to store my belongings. The intern proceeded by taking my height and weight.  Next I was asked to read the color code.  It was easy at first.  By the fifth page, I was having a little difficulty deciphering it.  The intern asked a second time.  I knew my first answer was not correct.  I tried again and got it right this time.  He smiled.  Thank goodness, he did not flip over to the next page.  I was asked to stand at a certain distance and told to read the letters on the illuminated board.  I had no problem with that at all.

The intern invited me back to my seat and flipped through a few sheets of paper and started a Q and A session.  The questions were pretty standard and I remember answering “No” to most of it.

Blood was drawn by the intern using two syringes.  Two tubular containers were used to store the blood sample drawn.  Next he took my blood pressure.

The doctor then took over.  I was asked to open my eyes.  He shone a small torch to check the pupil.  Then he put something in the ear canal and looked through it.  Next, he examined the throat and teeth.

A call came through.  The doctor answered.  Apparently he had an emergency and had to abandon the session.  I asked if the intern could continue with the rest of the examination so that I would not have to come back again the next day.  After a short pause, the doctor agreed.

The intern started by asking me to take off my T-shirt.  He listened to my chest using a stethoscope, asking me to breathe in and out.  He then put the stethoscope at my back and asked me to do the same.

I was asked to lie on the bed.  The intern palpated my chest. The abdomen was next.  A little pressure was used.  The left side was palpated first, then the right side.  Last was the stomach and gut area.

The intern then asked me to sit up on the bed.  He used a small hammer and knocked on my kneecap.  There was an instant lower limb reflex.  Something was used to scrap my sole.  I could feel it.

I alighted from the bed as instructed by the intern.  I was then asked to take off my pants.  The intern was apologetic.   I assured him that I was fine.  He went further and asked me to drop my briefs too.  I was a little hesitant but I knew that it was part of the examination.  By now I was stark naked in front of the intern.  I put my hands to cover my privates while asking him to ensure that the door is locked.  I was afraid that the nurse would come in.  He checked and said it was.

The intern asked me to stand facing him while he was seated.  I was asked to stand with my legs spread a little wide.  He told me to put my hands behind the back of my head.  I was scared, shy, tensed and a little excited, all at the same time.  He touched my pubic hair as if searching for something.  Then he held on to my penis which was now beginning to erect, slowly but surely.

The next thing I knew, he retracted my foreskin.  The glands were fully exposed and it was glistening in pinkish hue.  I was at a lost. I did not know how to react and what to say.  I remember apologizing.  The intern told me to relax.  He assured me that it was normal and it happens to him as well!  I was a little surprised.

What does he mean by that?  I looked down his pants and I realized that he had a little tent on his fly.  However I was not sure whether it was like that when I first entered the room. The intern told me to cough.  He asked me to do it again, this time louder.

He then used his thumb and fingers to touch and feel my left testicles, then the right one.  The erection is now full and I could feel the shaft twitch voluntarily from time to time causing further erection.  My face and head felt hot.  I think I am blushing.  I took a little glance at the intern’s pants.  I was very sure his organ was erect too!

I was then asked to move towards the examination bed.  I was asked to turn around, bend down with my hands holding onto the bed.   The intern asked me to spread my legs a little.  He then spread my buttock cheeks apart, exposing my anus.  He applied some gel around the anus area.  I think the gel was also applied freely into the cavity as well.

I felt nervous.  I think the intern realized that.  He asked me to calm down.  He told me I would be all right.  He explained to me that he will be inserting his finger into my anus to examine my prostate.  I remember asking him if I really have to go through this.  I thought this is only necessary for adult males in their forties and above.  He assured me that it was required as stated in the forms provided by my employer.  I had no choice.  He told me to take a slow but deep breath.  I was to do this to his count.  As he asked me to breath in deeply the second time, I felt something inserted into my anus.  It went deep inside.  Then I felt the object moving around something that felt round in shape.  I think that must be my prostate. I cannot remember it went on for how long.  Maybe it did not take that long but it felt like a while.  I felt funny.  The anus muscle contracted.  I felt like I was going to defecate.  I was also surprised that I my erection was full blown despite my anxiety throughout this part of the examination.  There was some pre ejaculatory fluid on the glands.

The intern then gave me some tissues for me to wipe myself off.  He gave me a small beaker and asked me to provide him with a mid stream urine sample on the spot in front of him.  I told him that I am not able to pass urine while people are watching.  I have never been able to urinate at the public urinals no matter how full my bladder is.  He told me to turn around and urinate into the beaker and he would not watch.  It took a while but I finally managed to.

The next thing that happened was the weirdest.  I was handed another beaker.  The intern told me that he needed a sample of my sperm.  I was dumbfounded.  I nearly wanted to cry.  My eyes were a little wet.  My face was numb and looked pale.  The intern realized and held my hands.  He tried to reassure me that everything was all right.  He told me to look at the brighter side.  It would be over soon. I have done pretty well.  He promised me that it would be private and confidential and I need not worry about anything leaking out of this room.  I was a little comforted.  He led me to a corner of the small room to do it.  I could call for him if I needed too.  Eventually I got over it and gave him the sample he needed.

Lastly the intern told me to dress up.  After that he told me to sit down.  We had a little chat.  The intern was concerned over my reaction to some parts of my examination. I told him I have never had a physical examination so thorough before.   He assured me that it was normal to feel awkward and have that anxiety.

The intern then wrote down on a piece of paper his contact no.  He asked me to contact him if I need any assistance or further clarification.  I thanked him and we bade each other goodbye.


William said...

Congrats! But a semen sample! That's fishy. Do contact him for "further clarification". :)

Ultraman Jino said...

really thorough. make sure you get the result of every test he'd conducted haha...

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

Legolas said...

Somehow this is exactly the same as what would be found in a porn.

savante said...

Sample of your sperm!? What kinda medical exam is that?

KenT said...

Exactly! Since when routine physical exams require semen sample???

The DRE part, though, was interesting~ =)

carpe diem said...

To all...This happened to my very close buddy many years back. He has good looks and body but is as straight as an arrow. He was a little disturbed by the incident and confided to me.

Little Dove said...

That was a very, VERY thorough medical checkup.

The colour code reading was the Ishihara chart to test for colour blindness. He scrapped your sole to test for a reflex reaction, like what he did to your knee.

The part for the rectal examination, urine and semen collecting sounded totally wrong. Wrong methods and totally unnecessary.

I think your buddy can sue the intern for sexual molestation and inappropriate medical conduct. Hope your friend was not deeply traumatised by that incident.

blue said...

agree with little dove...the rectal exam and sperm exam is totally uncalled for. I think its harassment...

Medie007 said...

whoa.... i wonder what occupation on earth require semen examination... not like he needs his sperm count checked, i mean, what kind of crazy boss would want to know that?!

carpe diem said...

Little Dove...Thanks for the insight on the exam. He was worked up over it. So we talked a lot about it. He decided to forget about it and moved on.

blue...I think you are right.

Medie007...Maybe the boss did not require those examination?

Janvier said...

Not to mention, how was your friend suppose to give a midstream urine sample when locked in the same room and with only one beaker?