Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Extraction

The orthodontist sent me over to a dentist next door for my teeth extraction.  My name was called.  I went in and the dentist injected local anesthetic onto the gums.  I saw how large the syringe was.  Unlike the ones used in private practice, this one was made of stainless steel.  The length is at least 15cm.  After the injection, she told me to go outside and wait for the anesthetic to work its way around the teeth.  Soon I felt my left jaw and gums numbed.

During this time I was having a little conversation and jostling within myself in my mind.  Do I really want this?  The teeth don't look that bad .  I need not put myself through all this trauma.  One part of me was trying to get the other to abort the whole idea.  To make things worse, I was feeling chilly and my limbs started to tremble a little.  I was also afraid of fainting on the chair because blood was not reaching my brain as much and as fast as I need it too.  I thought a little and said to myself, " What the hack.  You want this all this while and lets get it over with.  What if you live to regret not getting your teeth done"

The nurse called my name.  I sat on the chair.  It was reclined.  I told the dentist that I could feel the wisdom tooth with my tongue.  She put some pressure near the gums around that tooth and asked if it was pain or just pressure.  I told her it was just pressure.  Then that is just right.  She told me to relax my shoulders and arms.  I was to raise my hand if I felt pain.  She started with the wisdom tooth.  I could feel that she was trying to dislodge the tooth.  She was trying to move the tooth sideways.  I was then asked relax again and not to fight back.  Next thing I knew the wisdom tooth was already extracted.

She did the same for the canine tooth.  However it was tougher.  I could hear her breathing a little heavier.  She tried at least three times.  I was asking myself what if she has to do a surgery to get it out.  Worse still if the tooth breaks with some parts still embedded in the gums.  Before I realized, the tooth was already extracted.  Again it was not as bad as I had imagined it to be.

I was surprised.  I was alert.  There was no pain.   I got up, walked to the counter, paid RM2.00 for the extraction, collected the painkiller and drove off.   I ran a few errands before I went back home.  I did not faint after all.


Little Dove said...

Oh my, all the anxiety for tooth extraction. I hope you are alright now. Think of perfectly aligned teeth in near future. :)

William said...

That sounded easy! I have crooked wisdom tooth that need surgery. :S

Legolas said...

Don't think I will ever do anything to my teeth if I don't have to.

carpe diem said...

Little Dove... I m ok now. Thanks.

William... Wanna get it fixed?

Legolas... Yeah. It is kinda scary.