Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Missed Connection

Exactly one week ago...

I was already late for class and getting fidgety.  I was stalled at the cross junction waiting for the traffic lights to turn green. The lights were like red forever.

I turned to my right and noticed a light blue Vios had just pulled over.  I noticed.  The lad's windows were down and he was wiping off his sweat.  He must have just finished a jog at the nearby park.  The medium built lad was in sleeveless vest.  Cool, decent and baby faced, he looked adorable.  His skin was fair and he had I believe some freckles on his cheeks.  He looked decent. 

I looked to the front.  The lights would still be red for a while.  Only now have the vehicles from another junction been let off.  Being fidgety, not realizing, i was slowly turning my head.  I was looking around, firstly to my left, then to the front, then to the right, the front and then to the left again.

Momentarily, my eyes were locked onto his.  Instantaneously I quickly looked to the front again.   I then realized that the lad had actually been observing me.  I took a glance at him again.  This time I decided to look at him a little longer, moving my eyeballs around him and his vehicle so as not to be seen rude staring at him.  Then I again moved my view to the front.  I observed from the corner of my eyes.  His head was facing me and I was pretty sure he was checking me out!  I looked right into his eyes again and he looked at mine.  Though it was just for a few seconds it felt like our eyes were locked for a while.

I tried nodding my head as a friendly gesture but my brain just did not allow it to move.  The brain knew that I was trying to initiate and it would not allow. The brain wanted me to concentrate on how to arrive at class ASAP.   I looked to the front and then to his side again. I saw him wiping his forhead and then looking at me again.  I so wanted to wind down my car window asking him for his contact no.  Again my brain did not allow me to initiate the flirt.

He looked too straight to be sizing me up.  I tried looking out for other signs.  There were none save for some black earing pins on his right earlobe.  I don't know whether his left earlobe had any.

The lights finally turned green.. I sped off towards the city on MEX while he drove towards Cheras on MRR2.

I took down his car registration no. 
I wonder if I would be able to google it out?


William said...
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William said...

Hack into the JPJ database. :P