Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Two Weeks

My internet connection has been out since Friday. A few days earlier, the internet provider sent a notice to all customers that they would be upgrading their systems to better serve its customers.  Instead of getting a faster connection and surfing speed, I was completely cut off.

First, Customer Service tells me that there is congestion.  Next, they tell me their  whole system is down.  Later, they tell me I am connected to a station which they cannot locate.  Can you beat that?  Am I connected to Mars?  From telling me that my internet connection will be up in one hour, then extending the downtime to a few more hours, Customer Service finally said: "We are upgrading our system.  We are having some congestion problem.  We sympathize with you but we will need you to help us  monitor your internet connection for the next two weeks!!!"

So what does that mean?  I will be cut off from the world for two weeks?  I asked for a rebate which they quickly obliged.  But what about my lost time and inconvenience?  What if I need the internet access for business or work purposes?

The customer service asked me to monitor and wait for two weeks!!!  Can you believe that? 

Twenty years ago, it would take about two weeks for a mail to arrive at the UK.  Now by the press of a button, your UK friend would be able to receive your mail almost instanteneously.  Two weeks is so very very long in this cyberworld today.  They have the cheek to ask me to wait and monitor the situation for two more weeks!  I wonder if they know what impression they are giving me on their company?  What if I still cannot connect?

In two weeks the world could have fallen apart!!!

This is so Malaysia Boleh.  Completely unbelievable.  We started wiring the country about the same time South Korea did.  But we are now heaven and hell apart!

I rest my case.


Ultraman Jino said...

this is... streamyx?

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

Koala Express said...

oh dear. 2 weeks is too long. is your land phone working? do check.

William said...

Customer Service is always in the dark. Call 5 times and you get 5 different answers.


yes... who's gonna pay for the 2 weeks then?

Koala Express said...

since ur free, wana cook this sat?

carpe diem said...

Ultraman Jino...it is not streamyx. That is why I am so disappointed.

Koala Express...2 weeks sure is long. I don't have a land line. You cook? Maybe we should one day but I am pretty bz these days.

William...It sure is bad here in this country.

L2...They agreed to waive one month,s subscription. We shall see whether it is for real.