Friday, March 26, 2010

Bloody Mouth

I know for a fact that I have a fear of seeing human blood.  Every time I see blood, my heart will beat a little faster, maybe skip a beat!    I will feel the chill down my spine.  Slowly but surely, I can feel my body become cold.  I will start to tremble.  The next thing I know, I would feel dizzy and start to see black spots.  I would then have to calm myself down.  I would tell myself that everything is all right.  I will try to breath a little deeper.  I will make sure that I keep my eyes open.  I know that if I ever shut my eyes, I would faint.  I will  continue to take deep breath. I will  have a little heart to brain talk to try and prep myself up so that I continue to stay alert.

Day before yesterday was no different.  I removed the gauze the dentist left in my mouth two hours after the extraction.  It was wet and I did not like the feeling of some wet stuff sticking in my gums.  I did not bother to bite on a new piece of gauze after I removed it.  I felt better that way.

Some eight hours later, I looked at the mirror at the basin and realized how bloody my mouth was. There was blood around my other teeth.  My lips had dried blood around it. There was coagulated blood at the gum area where the canine tooth was extracted.   This jelly like stuff now not only encompass the extracted tooth area but it had spilled over to other parts of my mouth.

I remember that I should not gargle.  So I did not.  I tried spitting the blood out.  There was more to spit out.  I saw my bloodied mouth and the coagulated blood.  I was starting to get a little weak on my knees.  All I mentioned above was happening again. 

The only dentist I can call now at this late hour is Him.  After a few text messages, I called.  I had no choice.  Luckily he answered.  He told me to bite on the gauze as hard as I can.  If not enough, add more gauze, and drink very very cold drinks.  Later I texted him again.  I asked him what about the coagulated blood? Do I spit it out? Do I dig it out?  There was no reply.  So I just simply followed.  I bit the gauze hard.  I put an ice pack on my cheek.  I slept with the gauze in my mouth.

This last happened when I was in primary school.  My mum asked how come there was blood stains on my shirt.  I told her it was paint from art class.  She got a shock when she saw my bloodied mouth later.  I cannot remember what she did to help me.  I know for sure that I was scared shit.  I did not know how to tell her the truth.  Because of that incident,  I made sure that I took good care of my teeth. I  made sure I need not get any tooth extracted.   But day before yesterday, two of my healthy good teeth had to be extracted.  I was at a loss as what to do with my bloodied mouth.

Thanks for helping me manage the bleed.


Legolas said...

You can't be a vampire then, you're gonna starve to death.


lolz, then u cant watch horror film, right?

William said...

That's scary! Perhaps sucking on ice would have helped too?

plainjoe said...

I was on braces for 6 years and I had 4 good teeth extracted for the procedure. I know how it is like. esp when the bleeding wont stop. Gosh, your posts just relived my own experience!

Ultraman Jino said...

hmm i guess beauty dont come without sacrifices... but really scary la...

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

carpe diem said...

Legolas...I sure can't be that.

L2...I don't like watching horror movies. It's stresses me out.

William...I actually put an cold pack from the freezer on my cheek. Luckily it did not stick to my skin.

plainjoe...How's your teeth now? I bet it looks good on you.

Ultraman Jino...It sure has a price.

plainjoe said...

carpe diem: The teeth are alright now, except the orthodontist failed to close up one gap which ended up with a a bone grafting and implant. >.< but everything's fine now. *fingers, toes and eyes crossed* PS: sorry it took so long to respond.