Saturday, April 3, 2010

Welcome home my beau

Finally, the homecoming.  One week short of two months.  That is exactly how long it took for me to get you back.  I had to make a police report in the middle of the night when it happened to you.  I then had to accompany you to Batu Caves in the wee hours of the morning.  Then the next day I took you home.

Your face was disfigured.  I was helpless.  There was nothing I could do to help.

They could only attend to you after CNY. One week after CNY, I sent you in for a diagnosis.  I called day after day.  Initially so that you would be attended to.  Later, to ensure that you would receive the required treatment. I wanted to make sure that your sharp facial features is restored properly.

They never bothered calling me.  I was the one who was worried for you.  I thought that it took far too long for them to treat you.  That is when they told me that they could not source the replacement part required to restore your right eye.

I was again on the run.  Luckily through some contacts I managed to find the parts.  One thing after another.  More parts needed to be replaced.  I could not wait for them.  They just took far too long.  I sourced them myself.

Finally last Saturday, they discharged you.  I thought you looked all right.  However on a closer look, it was not to be.  More calls and more checks with my contacts.  Finally I admitted you again.  This time to a Specialist specializing in the required sub specialty.  This time I had to pay from my own pocket.  The insurance would not cover.  Never mind.  What is more important is that you get treated and your face is restored.

This afternoon, you were discharged.  Now you look great.  You certainly look very much better than before.  Finally I will get to drive you again after an absence of nearly two months.  Welcome home my beau!


William said...

2 months! That's a lot of hassle.

Legolas said...

It looked alright like brand new.


why dont u jst buy a new one? :P

carpe diem said...

William...It sure was a hassle. I was lucky that a friend loaned me his extra car for that period of time.

Legolas...It sure look new now. I like the ride, smooth and responsive

L2...I wish I could...maybe you could get me one ;P