Thursday, April 8, 2010


In less than 10 hours I will be out of the country.  I will again be somewhere in Thailand.  Two hours from the airport by coach to be exact.  Where is the location?  I don't know actually.  We will be there for some training.  I am suspecting that it will be like a boot camp.  They will probably try to wash our brains and turn us over.  Probably something like what do to those detained without trial under ISA.

I actually don't want to go.  I never liked this kind of stuff.  I am never the person who show or speak openly what and who I am.  I am more of the reserved type and I do not like hanging out in crowds.  Because of that sometimes people take offense and feel that I am insincere.   My close friends tell me that unless people make an effort to know me, they will never know my better side.  I will take that as a compliment. 

This type of camp normally require you to open up, pour it out and then start all over new.  They probably will help you discard all the negativity within yourself and indoctrinate in you some new values.  You are suppose to come out of the camp a new person.  Somehow I have never warmed up to these type of activities.

I am going because my lieutenants have all gone the last round.  They came back and have asked me to go.  So the General 's kinda have no choice.  It is the Team that plays.  So unless the General makes this trip with some of his other lieutenants, the General will probably be in an awkward position moving forward.

So guys, wish me lots of luck because I'll need it to go through three days of grueling fifteen hour sessions each day.  Hopefully I shall be back in one piece on Monday.  So adieus for now.


C'est la vie said...

Take it positively, join the program whole-heartedly, if it's something good, why not?

All the best!

William said...

You'll survive. See you soon!

Legolas said...

Actually I'm more worried about the red shirt people right now.


hmm~ play safe and come back in a peace ya~ lolz :P

Janvier said...

You'll be back!