Wednesday, April 7, 2010


During the start of our Level 2 Mandarin Class, we were given a test which later was converted to a homework.  There were all together four pages.  I managed to complete three and a half pages which were multiple choice in nature.  Some how I never managed to get the other half a page completed.  This half a page was an English essay .  We were required to translate it to Han Yu.

A fellow blogger offered to help me do my homework.  I was so tempted.  I am sure if I still was a kid I would have taken up the offer.  But I know myself too well.  If I allowed him to, that would be the beginning of the end of my studying the language.  It was an easy way out which I will take again and again.  But I really wanted to be competent in the language, at least up to a certain level.  So I declined him.

I know the teacher has been asking subtly  for my homework.  I kind of sense that he will come right to me and ask for it on Monday.  After all I have been procrastinating for almost a month now!  So on Monday, I sat down in office at about 4pm and started translating the passage.  Some of my fellow colleagues came over and was laughing themselves off.  They were asking if there is an exam coming up.  One even went further and inquired if I was scolded by the teacher. No. No. No.  Nothing like that.  I just want to get my Mandarin on track.  So that is the reason why I put in the effort.

It sure took a lot of effort to translate that half a page.  It took me approximately two hours plus.  I am so glad when it was finally over.  At least I can stand up and say that I did it on my own.

My intuition was right.  The teacher walked right up to me during the class and I was more than prepared to hand him my homework.


C'est la vie said...

I am VERY proud of you. I have to learn from you about this determination. Good luck and I hope I can help you for private lesson but we're too busy I guess.

William said...

Glad you did not need to tell the teacher that your dog ate your homework. :P. My pin yin is soooo bad.

carpe diem said...

C'est la vie...Thank you.

William...Yes. lucky me.