Wednesday, April 21, 2010


It has been happening for a while now.

I used to be able to remember just about anything without having to jot it down.  Wait.  Let me qualify my statement.  I am not good with school books though.   I used to be very good with direction.  Lets just say that I am like a GPS.  I used to have a very sharp eye for things.  I used to remember where exactly I parked without having the need to note down the parking bay no.  I used to be able to reach my destination without having to plan my destination prior to starting the journey.

Today I have misplaced my glasses.  I hope it is in the car at the workshop.  I really hope so because it is a very expensive pair.  The last time I actually misplaced a Protrek Watch that cost almost a thousand ringgit.  I still cannot remember where I misplaced my watch.

I have been misplacing my stuff.  I realized that I have been very forgetful. Let's just say that I am not as sharp as before.  My brain just cannot compute the way it used to. 

Is this dementia in the making?


William said...

Time for some mahjong! And DHAs... and gingko biloba. :P

carpe diem said...

William...Mahjong it should be. Where?