Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bodoh Perkasa

Where is your pride and dignity?  How can you continue to live on handouts?  Are you not ashamed of always trying to twist facts to serve your needs and ends?  All you do is fan the fire.  Even if this is your land, are you not ashamed for plundering what is already yours?

 If you really care for them, teach them how to fish.  Ingrain and inculcate in them the habits and culture required for them to be successful.  If you really are a leader they look up to, tell them to stop living on crutches.  Let it go.  Start with a small baby step.  Slowly but surely they will be up and running in no time.  If they do not follow your advice, then you are not a good enough leader. 

When you were young you used the race card as a means to serve your ends.  When you became the leader, you brought unprecedented development to the country. You portrayed yourself as a leader for all.  Many including your detractors salute you.  Now you seem very eager to always be in the limelight, almost always for the wrong reason. When all tricks fail, you now again resort to the tactics you used during your youth. You have come one full circle.  When once you were adored, now you are a real disgrace!

You can never fool everyone all the time.  Even your own who are more educated are embarrassed for the actions you both have taken and the words you both have uttered.

To all of you : Grow up.  Stop whining.  Nobody owes it more to you than you yourselves.  Stop being shortchanged by your so called leaders.  They are only here to serve their own needs and agenda.


William said...

Can't blame them for wanting to hang on to such perks. If you try to reach a consensus, it will never happen.

Legolas said...

When it comes to that issue, it's always difficult. Are we not the only country who protects the majority?


hmmm~ agree... two hands + two legs up frm me :P

carpe diem said...

To all...We really are in a sad and sorry state.

ijam said...

Ibrahim ali(founder)is just an opportunist.malay doesn't need to conquer this country because we live in a multicultural country that belongs to everyone.malay needs chinese n chinese needs malay.hope you all chinese dont blame all malay because the old timer politician will decay soon.better yet,journey to success need a long run.hope soon we all together will rules this country with our own shape.one hand,one family and zero races...long live communism~