Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I am back

Yes. I am back from camp.  I have actually been back for more than a week already.

There was just so much work waiting for me back here.  So I put off blogging for a while.  Blogging was getting kind of addictive.  The writing flair of many bloggers certainly tickled my mind and turned my brain on.

Many chores have been left unattended.  I was procrastinating.  Every time I turned on the laptop, blogging was my first priority, everything else was last.

So when I came back, I made sure I put my house in order first.  I tried but could not resist.  I read some of your blogs along the way.  I did manage to get my other chores done and I managed to get my work started.  So I give myself a little treat.  I allowed myself to write a new post.

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