Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Due to the trip to Bangkok, I already missed two of my Mandarin class sessions.  I was suppose to go on last Thursday but I did not.  So all in I have missed three lessons not counting the one I missed when I had my teeth extracted.  Lets just say that I was lazy.  There was some homework to be finished.  I know that I have to get it done.  Otherwise I would be missing another session again.

So on Sunday, I texted Mr. J.  I needed his help because I probably would take a long long time to finish the homework unaided.  We had dinner.  We adjourned to  a drinking joint and I started doing my homework with his help. 

He is a good teacher.  Mr. J did not give me the answer directly.  I was made to think.  Just the way it should be.  We spent more than two hours on probably four pages of homework. 

Mr. J was very patient.  I can see his frustration with my inability to get the intonation right.  My biggest problem.  That is why my score in dictation is so poor.  I think Mr. J was really very nice.  I would have exploded if I was him.

Like a doctor,  Mr. J diagnosed  my problem.  He told me to practice my intonation and pronounciation of the vowels and consonants right.  He is so right.  If I do not get the basics right I would not be able to progress as well as I would like to.

Thank you for your time Mr. J

Thanks for the help on that evening Sir.

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