Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lady Drivers

I recently got a copy of the Police Report of the car accident which happened just prior to CNY.  Attached together with my report was a copy of the other vehicle owner's report.  Excerpts of her report are as follows:

"I looked to my right and left. There was no car in sight.  I moved out of the junction onto the opposite road.  Suddenly a car sped fast towards my direction even though there were speed humps and speed break lines."                                                                                                    
She shot herself on the foot.

How can I drive so fast if there was a hump right in front of me?  How can she not see a car coming her way when there is a road hump to break the speed limit of oncoming traffic having their right of way.

Obviously she was taking a chance.  She was hoping that she could drive pass me.  What she did not anticipate was the oncoming traffic from the direction where she was going to join.  The traffic lights had turned green.  The vehicles were speeding and she could not join in.  So she was stuck.  Luckily I did not smash into her driver's door.

Just yesterday on the highway a vehicle pulled right to the left front of my car just as I have signaled and was already turning left.  If I had not anticipated and braked, another accident was to happen.  I told myself that the driver must be a lady.   Sure enough it was.  She was sexy, well dressed and driving a reasonably priced car.  But obviously she has no cow sense of driving at all.

Which brings me to my observation of lady drivers and the conclusion I have come to.  To be diplomatic, I would simply say that lady drivers fail to realise the need to anticipate the situation on the road.  They do not practice defensive driving.  On a harsher note and in reality, they believe that the treatment of the fairer sex and "ladies first" extends to the road.  Little do they realize that there are just too many external factors which are beyond control that dictates the condition on the road.

I may be accused of being sexist or a male chauvinist, but I can predict the gender of the driver by the way the vehicle is driven.  If only I can do the same for the 4D lottery!


C'est la vie said...

think too much for the last sentence. LOL.

Ultraman Jino said...

some people can be so ignorant about driving skills. but not all of them are ladies though. well at least you are safe ^^

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

Legolas said...

One of the reasons why I'm so afraid of KL roads.

Koala Express said...

wait till u see how middle east drivers drive. lolx. many times worst than here.

William said...

Perhaps her car plate number will reward you at 4D. ;)

orange-wee said...

luckily i dun drive, haha~ oh yeah, u can add me through my facebook, hehe~


u r not being sexist~ but most of it is true~

carpe diem said...

C'est la vie...What's the no? quick..quick

Ultraman Jino...There is another group of people that drive badly. Ask me if we ever meet.

Legolas...But you get to seat next to the driver at times :)

Koala Express...I sure don't want to experience that.

William...Never thought of that really.. Should I try?

orange-wee...One day you will.

L2...You sure know they are true.