Monday, February 1, 2010

After Dinner

From the beginning...

We left the restaurant.  I drove.  I was not sure if you would permit.  There was no indication till now.  But I wanted to.  My left hand grabbed hold of your right hand, held onto it and squeezed it lightly while my right was on the wheels.    Except for the time where I needed both my hands to manoeuvre the wheels, my left hand was clutching on to your right hand which was now on my lap.  You allowed me. I was a little surprised. What is the significance of you allowing me to hold onto your hands?

It was still raining.  I stopped the car somewhere quiet and away from the trafffic.  We chat more while the care engine continued running. As we speak in the car under the canopy of the street lights, I watched you.  We looked into each others eyes.  I cannot remember but I believed I asked for your permission, "May I?"  The next thing I knew our lips were locked. I was scared of getting caught.  I pulled my lips off.  We did that several times.  In between we felt each other.  I still remember what you said when you did what you did.

We could have gone further.  I was absolutely sure of that.  But, I did not want to pursue it.  I have been having this "feel good feeling" since our first chat on the fateful evening.  I have never had this feeling before. Very peculiar and unusual.  That there was no actual physical contact made it even more meaningful. Deep inside me I wanted to get to know you better.  When it happens, I wanted it to be for real.

I sent you home, bade you good night and drove off.  Way past midnight, I texted you:
"Thanks for the lovely evening.  I hope you would allow me to get to know you better.  Good night and sleep tight".

to be continued...

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C'est la vie said...

sweet...... that reminds me of something too.... *sigh*, too bad when mine is always ended up with "nothing" just after an acquaintance... Maybe I am not that attractive.... Good for you, wish you well.