Thursday, February 18, 2010


Chinese New Year is a time of the year where people gather.  Families come together and reunite.  Foes forgive each other and make up.  People take this opportunity to rekindle old friendship.  Business associates take the opportunity to meet their clients to network.

In our pro bono activity, we are in a position where we give out contracts.  Some are big whilst others are small.  Interested parties will court you and treat you really well.  They will give you their ears and try to please you at all cost.  In short you get to be the Boss.  We have always been cautious.  We always made sure that contracts are given to those that can perform.  We made sure that our decisions are not clouded and shrouded with other agenda less we land up on the fourteenth floor and be found sprawled on the fifth.

Today we were invited for a Chinese New Year dinner by one of them.  I thought it would just be another CNY Open House.  Lots of people, lots of food and lots of merry making.  When I arrived, I noted that no crowd was to be seen.  I entered the house and then I realized that the host was cooking just for us!  It was a family affair.  The home cooked food was good.  The fellowship was great.  Service was very personal.

I am humbled.  How people go out of their way to make sure that you are taken care off.  Just because their rice bowl depends on the decisions you make.  They go out of their way even though you can find no fault with the service they are providing.

Even though I have always been mindful of my speech and actions,  I am sure that I have at times over stepped my boundaries.  We all do.  We give ourselves plausible "reasons" to justify the wrong actions we take. When we reason it out to ourselves enough times, even the wrong will be right.  Through this event today I am again reminded to do what is right.  Power and position is a responsibility.


C'est la vie said...

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Nice to meet you.

carpe diem said...

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Anonymous said...

beware of c'est la vie.

carpe diem said...

Anonymous...Thanks. I tell myself to beware of myself too.

Koala Express said...

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