Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Beginning of The End

From the beginning...

I texted you again on Monday.  You did not reply.  I tried calling you.  There was no reply.  You then texted me that you were staying over at a relative's place.  You were sick.  I wished you well and hope that you would recover soon.  We managed to chat and sms again on Wednesday.  You told me you felt better.

I noticed that you are not the same now compared to before.  You do not seem that talkative anymore.  You were reluctant to chat much more than is needed.  Along the way through the week we had a little tiff.  The sms reply was not fortcoming.  When you finally got in touch with me you lamented that I do not understand you.  That I should know that you are not free if you did not reply.  Well, this is the first time you are behaving this way.  Normally you would text me to tell me you would be unavailable.  Then you would instantaneously text me back the soonest possible time you can.  This time I waited for days before I could get in touch with you.

The following Monday arrived.  I asked how you are.  You replied, " I am fine.  I hope you are fine too".  I tried to call you to no avail.  I managed to finally call you on Tuesday.  You were quiet.

Then you broke the news.  "You are nice.  Far too nice as a friend.  You treat me very well, too well actually.  I have just started seeing someone.  Actually yesterday I drove all the way back to see him..."  My heart sank.  I asked, "Who is he?  What does he work as?  How did you get to know him?"  He is the same guy you met for dinner on the Saturday I was coming back from Singapore.  "He is a psychiatrist. He is a Specialist.  He is very sincere."  Apparently something sparked on that Saturday night out with him.  I was literally asking you to go easy, get to know him better first.  I also asked what happened to the three year period you wanted to stabilize your career.  You were quiet.

Shattered and broken, I confided in you that I actually like you.  I have fallen for you.  On the same note, trying to put up a bold and brave front, I told you it was all right.  It was not suppose to be my day.  I wished you well.  You could always come to me if you wanted someone to hear you out.  Maybe we could be a close friend, maybe I coould be your brother.  Deep inside me I knew it was game over.  I was trying to salvage whatever pieces there was left.  I was trying to cling on to the impossible.

to be continued...

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