Monday, February 15, 2010

The Weekend

From the beginning...

During the week we chat and text each other, I asked if you could fetch me from the coach terminal upon my arrival from Singapore.  You were quite happy to do that.  Two days later you told me you had other plans for Saturday.  You told me you would be meeting up with your patient friend and his friend for dinner.  Then you all would adjourn to the club.  I was a bit disappointed.  I was hoping to see you then.  You consoled me by saying that we could have dim sum the next day.  I relented.

In the coach from Singapore we texted each other.  You told me you were hungry like a horse and your friend has not arrived.  That it was raining cats and dogs in KL.  About two hours into my ride I texted you again.  Cheekily I told you I would be waiting and expecting you to fetch me.  You told me you can't.  I persisted.  Again I was trying to pull your leg.  I was playing with you.  More messages were sent to and fro by us.  We stood our grounds.  I wanting you to come and fetch me.  You telling me that you can't.

The way you persisted made me a bit weary.  During our meeting I know that you could get physical quite easily.  I was telling you all sorts of stuff through the sms.  You replied that they are your friends.  You would not do those stuff and they would not do that to you.  Besides, they are together. Things got a bit out of hand.  I remember you texting me: " We (I and you) are nothing k."  I was down. While waiting for transport home, I texted you that I was mugged.

I arrived home.  We managed to chat a while on the line.  It was short and abbreviated.  You sounded tensed.  I sensed that you were upset.  You told me you cannot talk long and that they were expecting you in the club. You asked if I was indeed mugged.  I told you it was true.  Maybe you thought that I was seeking some attention from you.  That you asked probably showed that you were concerned.   I asked if we are still having breakfast in the morning.  You told me you wanted to sleep in.  I was now really disappointed.

to be continued...

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