Monday, February 1, 2010

The Feel

From the beginning...

We continued texting each other throughout the days while I called and we chat for what seemed like hours in the evenings.  You were telling me where you were going and what you are doing while at work.  I did not ask.

I am beginning to feel that maybe there is some chemistry in this whole thing.  We seemed to share so much in common.  I like what I have heard from you so far.  I am attracted to your demenour and character.  Your sincerity is real.  You seemed untainted.  Maybe this is the missing piece of jigsaw that will solve the whole puzzle.

You may not know it.  I never told you not because I was afraid you would reject.  Deep inside me, I have fallen for you.  I did not tell you because I wanted to get to know you better.  I wanted to know if indeed you are the right one.  I wanted to size you up.  I did not want anyone of us to get hurt.

I have always told myself never ever to get into another relationship again.  I do not want to get hurt again.  It took me three years to recover from it.  I have just come out of it.  You needed three years to get you career stabilized.  You do not want any for now.  That suits me just fine.

I was contented to wait, be your friend and let water find its own level.

to be continued...


Danny said...

so happy to know that u are actually enjoying urself in this relation..but , u'll never know until u go and find out..good luck :))

carpe diem said... on to know how it ends