Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Letter 1

From the beginning...

I wrote to you an email...excerpts of which are as follows:

For the first time, I never felt a need to surf those websites anymore.  I also had no urge to chat with others.  I suddenly realized that I have slowly learnt how to love again.  I felt that I have found the person I would like to be with.  For the first time, I believed that this person would be able to fill the emptiness in my heart and life.

From a humble background, you know exactly what yo want in life.  You are independent, works hard to realize your dreams and have self confident.  You are humble and well grounded.

All I wanted was to have dinner with someone on my birthday.  You were sent as an answer to my prayer.  During the dinner, you never really stood out physically.  However as the night wore on, I found you intellectually stimulating, charming and well grounded.  You were far more mature in thinking for a person your age.  I told myself not to but I was slowly but surely bowled over with your character and demeanour.  I simply just let my heart rule the day (it was my birthday anyway).

I know that you would have to choose between the two of us (I know for sure that you were choosing and I have my reasons for saying that).  Maybe I did not sound as sincere as you wanted it to be.  I was sheepish and did not want to divulge much during our meet.  I did not know you well enough.  I had been hurt badly before.

For now I am contented to be your close friend, maybe if you allow me, as a brother.  I hope you could be there for me too.  I will have to pick up the broken pieces alone because in this life of ours, we can never be open, for this way of life is never accepted  by the community.

to be continued...


Ultraman Jino said...

maybe i should wish you happy birthday. or belated birthday ^^

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

carpe diem said...

Ultraman Jino...Thanks bro.