Sunday, February 14, 2010

Crash Boom Bang and A Double Whammy @*&$T^&#%

The traffic in town had been really bad lately.  Every driver seemed to be rushing and I can feel their blood boiling by the way they drive.  I made sure that I kept my cool each time I drove and I was more vigilant.  I kept my vehicle distance.  I was also telling my friends and colleagues to be careful less they end up without their wheels on CNY.  Every driver seemed to want to have a "fight" on the road.

Alas it was to happen to me.  I crashed my vehicle onto a car coming out from a junction.  Obviously the lady thought that she could cross the busy intersection but vehicles coming from the direction where she was heading started racing towards her.  She was caught.  I was caught too.  Now you don't see her car,  now you see it!  Crash boom bang!!@#$&#@$*  So there goes my wheels. I just got it polished.  I was looking forward to a nice drive in KL during this festive season.   I was looking forward to flaunt it in front of my classmates during our annual CNY reunion.

Now what I have is a damaged bumper, headlights, fender, bonnet and fog lights.  It is going to cost me some money since the insurance is not going to pay the full amount for the wheels to be restored to its pristine condition before.  So sad. 

The Fengshui Master told me everything good comes in double this year!!!  I wonder if the bad also comes in double?  On CNY eve, I experienced a tyre puncture on the car I borrowed from my friend!  I have never had a tyre puncture for a long long time.  What a start to a new year!  I just cannot believe the timing of the unfortunate events.  I ponder and wonder if this whole year is going to work out this way.   The only consolation was that it happened right in front of the house and not while I was driving on the road.

Hopefully all will be smooth sailing from now onwards.  May it only be double fortunes from now on.

Gong Xi Fa Cai and Happy Valentines Day to my friends and fellow readers.

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