Monday, February 22, 2010

In 6 hours time...

In six hours time, all of us would be back on the grind.  The traffic will build up and tempers will fly.  Some of  us who happen to start earlier last week would not feel the stress as much as those of us who have rested for the whole week. 

The season of joy and merry making starting with Christmas, then the New Year and now the Lunar New Year shall come to an end soon.  If we are to meet the target we have set ourselves at the beginning of the new year, we shall need to go that extra mile starting today.  No point lamenting over what we should or could have done when stock take day comes at the end of the year.

Welcome back everyone!!!


savante said...

Back to work season :)

Koala Express said...

hows work? hope its roaring. :P btw its not all of us. koala didnt work. :P

Danny said...

hope u had a good start :)

carpe diem said...

savante...Yes. No more holidays till May

Koala Express...Works a drag. Lucky you.

Danny...Not a bad start. Hope you had a good start too.