Monday, February 8, 2010


I received this text message:

"Orgasm achieved! Sexy@#*@$& reopens today.  B intoxicated by the brand new ice bar under our big ass fan.  Call 03-1232432325 for a sublimely sensual experience!"

I thought someone sent me a suggestive sms.  I was wondering how a low profiled person like me got into such a mess.  I could not believe my eyes and I read it again.

By the third reading I realised that it was sent by a high end food outlet.  People in the high networth circle and "whose who" count as their patrons!!  Time must be bad.

Anyway I thought the message was sexy, seductive and real cool.


KenT said...

The no. is so similar to my cell no. hahaha! I've nvr gotten such texts though.

Btw,nice blog ya have here. Keep writing. =)

Legolas said...

No business, economy not good, but property price keep on going up.

Jaded Jeremy said...

At least better written than some of the similar spam e-mails.

William said...

If people call in looking sex, they have themselves to blame.

carpe diem said...

KenT...luckily it's not your contact no. Thanks for the kind comments.

Legolas... yes, everything else rises except the paycheck...and the boss says we don't work hard enough.

Jaded Jeremy...I am sure it was written by a copywriter.

William... :)

savante said...

Kinda weird message :) Wonder what kinda club it is.

carpe diem said...

Savante...It is a poshie joint near KLCC